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A Deacon Giving a Homily

Academic Formation for Deacons, Online

Deacon candidates outside the Northern New Jersey area can earn their M.A. in Theology online, with approval from their bishop. read more

As a House of Formation, the Seminary offers men preparing for the priesthood the personal, academic, ministerial and spiritual formation essential for their conversion to Jesus Christ and for their commitment to a life of service to the Church.

As a School of Theology, the Seminary provides a theological and philosophical foundation for men and women pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies; preparing for ministries among the people of God; and varied opportunities for continuing theological education.

Graduate Theology Student

Grow in Your Faith

Our fall graduate course schedule is now available! Enroll in a course or two to enrich your mind and deepen your faith.



Can Do

Keaton Douglas, A Voice to Serve in Recovery

A Voice to Serve in Recovery

Keaton Douglas has taken her talents for entertaining and created a program to help people heal from addiction.

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