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Getting Involved: New Year, More Opportunities for Students  

Seton Hall Pep Band at the Fall 2022 Involvement Fair.

Members of the Seton Hall Pep Band out on the campus green during the Student Involvement Fair

The excitement was evident on campus this week as first year and returning students came together to kick-off the semester with a full roster of fun activities. Students from all 50 states and many foreign countries got a feel for what it means to be a Pirate, when Seton Hall hosted the Student Involvement Fair, which took place on the Green on Wednesday.

Organized by the Office of Student Engagement and student leaders, hundreds of students came out to meet with representatives from more than 175 clubs and Greek organizations, along with student and faculty-led organizations, honor societies, community organizations and campus partners. Tables lined up along the Green showcased interest areas such as culture, philanthropy, the environment, faith, academics, athletics, art, music, sports, community service, leadership, media and publications, social justice and more. "There was a lot of interest from the campus community and the South Orange Community," noted Emma Murphy, the assistant director for leadership development in the Office of Student Engagement.

"It brought a smile to my face seeing our enthusiastic students ready to take on the new year," said Daria Allen, Director of New Student Programs. "We saw many new and returning Pirates who were ready to jump in and join our amazing clubs and organizations."

Students Ready to Get Involved

Heather Clarkson (left) with friends at the Ecology Club table

Heather Clarkson (left) with friends at the Ecology Club table

Enjoying and protecting the environment is a priority for Heather Carlson, a biology major from Garwood, NJ. In her third year at Seton Hall, Heather is on the Executive Board on campus, where she represent the Ecology Club. The E-board is looking for students to get involved in leadership positions, Heather noted. As for the Ecology Club, there are several hikes and upcycling projects planned for this semester. And next spring, just as campus starts to bloom,  everyone is invited to the EcoFest -- a spirited gathering held at campuses around the U.S.  to help promote sustainable environmental practices.

FOCUS Missionaries Kevin Hoppel and Martin Vasquez with Brother John

FOCUS Missionaries Kevin Hoppel and Martin Vasquez with Brother John.

Kevin Hoppel, of Maryland and Martin Vasquez, up from Florida, are starting a two-year assignment as Focus Missionaries on campus. The pair, who are based in Boland Hall in Campus Ministries,  were strolling around campus and just enjoying the excitement of the Involvement Fair. Kevin and Martin's first impressions? "Very positive. I like it here. It’s very diverse, welcoming and active," commented Kevin. Martin pointed out the abundance of good energy and commitment on campus. "People come here with a sense of joy and purpose," he shared while looking around at the crowd enjoying the day together.

Image of Kenisha Charles, a sophomore from Orange NJ

Kenisha Charles

During her first year at Seton Hall, Kenisha Charles, a sophomore from Orange, NJ, decided to stay focused on her academics before pursuing on-campus extracurriculars. Now that she has moved closer to campus, she hopes to "branch out" and take advantage of the many resources available on campus. Kenisha found a variety of clubs and organizations that she is considering joining such as the West Indian Student Organization, Black Student Union (BSU), Women in Business, PRIDE and the African Student Association.

Naveah Kelly, Arianna Beros, Daniela Miranda

Naveah Kelly, Arianna Beros, Daniela Miranda

Like many students who came out for the fair, Arianni Beros, a social work major from nearby Union, NJ, came to the Involvement Fair with a sense of curiosity. "Almost everything is new to me," she said. Beros was joined by her friends, Daniela Miranda, a criminal justice and psychology major from Kearny, and Naveah Kelly, a business major from Newark. Kelly is thinking about volunteering for Service on Saturdays, a Campus Ministry initiative that’s popular among students looking to give back to the local community.

Jeffrey Duran

Jeffrey Duran

Jeffrey Duran is a Sports Management major from Union City, NJ. Currently living on-campus as a freshman, he decided to check out the offerings during the fair. He has enjoyed his time on campus so far and has participated in a few activities from the New Student Welcome Week including Glow on the Green which featured a silent disco and glow-in-the-dark lawn games, hosted by Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Marianna Mihalko

Marianna Mihalko

Marianna Mihalko has not yet decided on a major but, says she is "open to suggestions" from fellow peers, professors and academic advisors. She is looking to get involved on campus and attended the Student Involvement Fair to get some inspiration for her academic pursuits and leisure activities. She enjoys Seton Hall’s camaraderie and has seen quite a few organizations she wants to get involved with that had like-minded students. Marianna is interested in Psychology, English and creative writing. 

Andrew Malyava

Andrew Malyava

Andrew Malyava, from Fort Lee, NJ, is thinking about joining Seton Hall’s Dance Club. "It’s good to get involved and get myself out there," explained the Finance major. Andrew has taken part in many of the Weeks of Welcome activities that have been happening on campus. "I’ve met close to 400 people," he said with a smile. "I like my classes and my schools. I’m having a great time."

Siara Dorch is from New Brunswick, NJ and is enrolled in the 3 + 3 Political Science dual degree program. She came to Seton Hall University because it has an open and welcoming environment. As she journeys through her first year of college, she’s thinking about participating in some of the clubs and organizations that she learned about at the Student Involvement Fair.

Falisha Johnson, a nursing student from Hackensack, NJ, found her way to the student involvement fair on her third day of classes. She is considering joining the Cheer Club and wanted to learn more about Fraternity and Sorority life. Stopping by the University Relations table, she learned about job opportunities for students on campus, including openings in the Department of Public Relations and Marketing.

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