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Seton Family Photo Album Digital Collection

Take a glimpse into the past and into the lives of the family of the first American saint. The Archives and Special Collections Center has acquired a photograph album of William Seton II, the eldest son of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the founder of the Sisters of Charity after whom Seton Hall University is named. Made in 1867, the photo album shows William and his family at their home, Cragdon Cottage, in what is now the Bronx. The 51 photos in the collection include views of Cragdon and its grounds as well as several images of the family at rest and at play.

The historically significant album is now digitized and available to the Seton Hall community for viewing.

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Photos Above, Left to Right

Entitled, “Cragdon Home Party.” L-R, in the foreground wearing white dresses, Isabel and Helen Seton, daughters of William Seton II and granddaughters of Elizabeth Ann Seton; in the mid-ground children of William II, Henry Seton holds the hand of seated Cousin Ethelinda Seton, William Seton III looks at his hand, Elizabeth Seton stands next to him; Tom Jevons, who later marries Isabel Seton, is on the far right. William Seton II stands in the background on a rock.

Entitled, “Coasting.” L-R, William Seton II’s daughter Isabel with their dog, Trot; daughter Elizabeth with their dog, Captain; Marian Rufsel pulls the sled; daughter Emilie Seton with their dog Cudjo between the Cedars in the rear.

Entitled, “Foot of the Croquet Ground.” L-R, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s son, William II; Betty (William’s daughter Elizabeth Seton); General Guy Henry; Grace Bayley; General Totten; William’s daughter Helen and son Will; Tom Fletcher


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Seton Hall Homepage Photo:
Photo entitled “Cragdon Piazza East.” The group on the left, front to back, William Seton II (Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s eldest son, also called William Seton Sr.), daughter Elizabeth Seton, Tom Jevons (who later marries Isabel Seton); in the middle, son William Seton Jr.; on the right, front to back Lydia Butler, daughter Isabel Seton, Alfred Booth.

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