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The PPAC Develops Competitive Applicants for Health Professional Schools  

A photo of students crocheting.Whether you are applying to medical, dental or any other health professional school, the PPAC works hard to provide opportunities to best prepare SHU students for a successful application process. On Tuesday, the Pre-Professional Advising Center co-sponsored a Manual Dexterity and Crocheting Workshop hosted by the Pre-Dental Society and Hooked on Crocheting. 

A pre-dental society and a crocheting club may seem like a strange combination of student organizations to be collaborating on one event. However, there is a very large intersection between crocheting and dentistry: they both require incredible manual dexterity. Dentists must be extremely precise with their hands to perform delicate procedures without endangering their patients. Manual dexterity is so integral to dentistry that the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)—the exam all dental school applicants are required to take—has a section that evaluates the student’s level of dexterity. Further, it is common in interviews to be asked about how an applicant developed their manual dexterity. All this is to say, manual dexterity is an important skill that all pre-dental students should begin developing as soon as possible. 

This event was a great opportunity for pre-dental students to begin developing this skill. Students learned about the importance of manual dexterity in the field of dentistry and different practices and hobbies (like crochet) that they can pick up which will begin refining their dexterity. In addition, this event allowed students to network with other pre-dental students and evaluate whether a career in dentistry suits and appeals to them. 

For all our pre-health students planning on applying this upcoming application cycle, we hosted Part 2 of the Personal Statement Workshop along with Professor Karen Gevirtz and Professor Daniel Nichols. Students gathered to learn the "Do’s and Don’ts", what content to include, and how to format a good personal statement. They also had an opportunity to edit and receive direct feedback. Personal statements are a crucial part of the application process for all pre-professional paths. A personal statement is an applicant’s way of introducing a selection committee to who they are as a person beyond all the academic statistics. In such competitive fields as pre-health, an outstanding and memorable personal statement can be the deciding factor on whether a student will be invited for an interview. This event was a great opportunity for all students to begin or continue refining their personal statements, so that they can better stand out in the application pool. 

It’s also important that our students have mentors and network! Together with Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Health Honor Society) and the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine’s Latino Medical Student Association, we hosted a current medical student panel for our students on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023.

Our mission is to advise students throughout their pre-professional journey. Through events such as these and other developmental workshops, we can help students explore professional careers, develop competitive applicants, and provide guidance through the application process. 

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