Seton Hall University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I in the Pirate Pathway program?
A: Through the admissions process, you were selected for the Pirate Pathway program based on careful review of your application. Upon that review, it was determined that the program's structure would help you attain success during your first year and beyond at Seton Hall.

Q: Are Pirate Pathway courses the same as standard Seton Hall courses?
A: Absolutely! Students in the Pirate Pathway program take required first-year courses along with relevant courses towards their intended major.  All students will take 10 credits during the fall semester.

Q: What are the advantages and benefits of the Pirate Pathway program?
A: The program provides a friendly and supportive environment that enables students to successfully transition to college life at Seton Hall. You benefit from intrusive advisement, professional mentoring, dedicated Peer Advisors, personalized academic support, and dedicated study areas, because advocacy and support are the primary focus!

Q. Is study hall mandatory for Pirate Pathway students to attend?
A. Yes, it is a mandatory requirement for all students in the Pirate Pathway program to attend 4 hours of study hall per week. The study hall lab is connected to the University Life course and is built into the student's schedule.

Q: Am I restricted from participating in any clubs or organizations on campus?
A: As a Pirate Pathway student, you are encouraged to participate in various clubs and organizations.  However, in order to participate in Greek Life, you must have a minimum 15 credits and 2.5 GPA. Involvement in university clubs and organizations will depend upon those clubs' policies and procedures.

Q: Who can I speak with if I am not sure what major I would like to pursue?
A: Please work with your Academic Advisor and The Career Center as we are all here to help you.

Q. How will I make up the credits from being in 13 credits in the first semester?
A. You will meet with your Academic Advisor and discuss what plan is best for you and will allow you to successfully graduate within your desired time frame. Some of the options available would be:
•    Summer Courses
•    18 Credit Course Load after first year is complete

Q: What happens after I successfully complete the Pirate Pathway program?
A. After successfully completing the program requirements students will become a full-time student in the spring semester and we will continue to provide academic and support services as you transition to full-time status.

Q: Can I still use program resources after I've declared my major?
A: Yes!  We invite you to use us as a resource for the entirety of your Seton Hall career.

Q. Will I be able to live on campus after I finish the Pirate Pathway program?
A. Yes, students can live on campus in the program. However, Housing is not guaranteed to any student. To find out more about the Housing selection process, please visit the Housing website.

Q. Is tutoring for Pirate Pathway students required?
A. Yes, it is a mandatory requirement for all students in the Pirate Pathway program to attend 1 hour of tutoring per week through the Academic Resource Center.