Albery PaulaAlbery Paula 

Biochemistry major, Pre-Med
North Bergen, N.J.

"I would not have had the same opportunities at another school. The inspiring, supportive faculty at Seton Hall opened many doors for me. We are like family here."

Malik Dye Malik Dye 

Management Information Systems major
Elizabeth, N.J.

“Seton Hall’s Career Center is amazing. I love my career adviser; she helped me get an internship at Lockheed Martin. That internship led to a full-time job offer from Lockheed at the start of my senior year. I was one of only eight people put into the Engineering Leadership Development Program.”

Brianna Glass Briana Glass 

Economics & Spanish major
Carmel, Indiana

“The Career Center was my best friend. I visited freshman year, knowing nothing other than I wanted internships. I wound up having four amazing internships, and I got a job offer from Google in December of my senior year.”

Zach Darby Zach Darby

Physics Major, Asian Studies Minor
Manasquan, N.J.

“I know I would not have the kinds of experiences I’ve had at a larger school. My friends at larger schools get lost in the shuffle; it’s hard for them to make connections to faculty the way I have.”

Luis Sosa Luis Sosa

Diplomacy and International Relations,
Latin American Studies Major
Dominican Republic

“I love that at Seton Hall I am encouraged to be independent, but I am also protected, and my growth is fostered. I am given both opportunity and support.”

Cynthia Sularz Cynthia Sularz 

Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages majors
West Milford, New Jersey

"I’ve been able to study abroad three times, obtain two impressive internships, work on a research project with our dean and represent the United States at the G-20 Girls Summit in Australia."

Ashley JeffersonAshley Jefferson 

Finance and Technology Management major 
Lafayette, N.J.

"Because so many Seton Hall alumni work at Prudential, Seton Hall has become a top recruiting school for them. So I not only had two internships there, I also got a job after graduation. I owe it all to Seton Hall’s reputation and the alumni who paved the way for my success."

Jordan Mabalatan Jordan Mabalatan

Nursing and Catholic Studies majors
Bloomfield, N.J.

"I owe so much to the nursing program at Seton Hall because of its strong reputation, the caring and accomplished faculty, and most importantly the small classes and that much needed one-on-one attention that’s often lost at larger universities."

Emily Slate Emily Slate 

Nursing major 
Augusta, N.J.

"I love the faculty — my nursing professors especially. They are passionate; they want to invest in the next generation of nurses."

Kristine Mamanta Kristine Mamanta

Marketing and Economics majors
Houston, Texas

"My professors spend lots of extra time with me and really know who I am and care about me. I owe Seton Hall so much because they have made me the person I am today. I have become more confident, open-minded and knowledgeable. I wouldn't be the person I am or have had even half of these experiences if I didn't come to Seton Hall."

Danielle Andreani Danielle Andreani

Marketing and Management major
Valley Stream, N.Y.

"Everyone here is intent on helping you succeed and grow - from helping me get my four internships to pairing me with an amazing corporate mentor and giving me the chance to study abroad three times."

Richard Greendyk yt thumb Richard Greendyk

Biology major, Pre-med, Chemistry and Spanish minors
West Milford, New Jersey

"Beginning my freshman year I started working with my pre-med adviser. She paired me with a Seton Hall alumni mentor, an orthopedic oncological surgeon at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City. I got to observe him during 30 surgeries and assist with several research projects. This taught me to apply what I was studying in the classroom and helped me get into medical school."

Joe Donato video screenshot Joe Donato

History major, Pre-Law
Italian minor
Brooklyn, New York

"I definitely believe Seton Hall made me real-world ready. I've been able to work into leadership positions within my interests to become a better person for the university community and for myself."

Crystal Dickinson Crystal Dickinson

Award-winning Broadway actress
and Theater professor

"After graduate school, I was in an off-Broadway play called "Clybourne Park" and just this past spring, it went to Broadway. When I got the Broadway job, Seton Hall professor Deirdre Yates, was the second person I called after my family. She was so excited for me. She had always been a support to me and I was glad to share my success with her."

chase agapito Chase Agapito

Diplomacy and International Relations major,
Environmental Studies minor
West Paterson, New Jersey

"I chose Seton Hall because of the academic reputation of Diplomacy and International Relations. And after studying abroad in Spain, an internship with the DEA, an internship with the United States Secret Service, my time at Seton Hall has exceeded my expectations. I just love it here."

johnVideothumb John Procopio

Elementary Education and Mathematics major,
Special Education certification
Annandale, New Jersey

“If I could sum up Seton Hall in one word it would be ‘community.’ It’s a close-knit campus, and everywhere you turn, until the day you graduate, and beyond, there is someone looking out for you.”

mercedes cunningham Mercedes Cunningham

M.S. in Athletic Training
Social and Behavioral Sciences major
Bethlehem, New Hampshire

"I loved every minute of the Seton Hall program. I was in five different clinical settings, getting a first-hand look at the kind of career I wanted to pursue."

Yansel Nunez yt thumb Yansel Nunez

Biology major, Pre-med
Music minor
Union City, New Jersey

"Seton Hall University taught me how to be a leader. I learned how to network, communicate effectively, plan and organize, as well as how to take advantage of resources. "

Sagarika Gujar yt thumb Sagarika Gujar

Diplomacy and International Relations and
Modern Languages majors
Mumbai, India

"I realized that I was at the U.N. in New York City and I was about to live my dream. That wouldn't have been possible had it not been for Seton Hall and all the opportunities I got here."

Ricky Harzula yt thumb Ricky Harzula

Secondary Education and History majors
South Plainfield, New Jersey

"The main reason I wanted to come to Seton Hall was its amazing academic reputation that I had heard about from my teachers in middle school and high school. I'm the kind of person who doesn't just want to do something. I want to be great at it. I knew if I came to Seton Hall, I'd become a great teacher."

Matthew Pennington yt thumb Matthew Pennington

Biology major and Chemistry minor
Shawnee, Kansas

"My experience gave me an edge to get into a very competitive internship program at one of the largest research institutes in the Midwest, which was drawing people from all over the world."

Edward Cuza yt thumb Edward "Eddie" Cuza

Transfer Student
Nursing major
Metuchen, New Jersey

"The professors here really inspire you and support you 100%. We learn from leaders and are inspired to be leaders ourselves."

Kholood Qumei yt thumb Kholood Qumei

Diplomacy and International Relations major
Arabic Language and Asian Studies minor
Brooklyn, New York

"My experiences and the constant support from faculty and the SHU community gave me confidence to be a leader at Seton Hall and for the rest of my life."

Mary Balkun yt thumb Mary Balkun, Ph.D.

Chair and English professor
"I love being a professor at Seton Hall. I think it has a lot to do with the way people treat one another... I also love it here because our faculty are deeply committed to their students' intellectual development."

Ashley Mapp yt thumb Ashley Mapp

Psychology major
Ewing, New Jersey

"The community here is amazing, especially the faculty. I can always rely on my professors for help. They truly care about my success."

Dominique Fortes VideoDominique Fortes 

Accounting major
Parsippany, New Jersey

"Now that I’m graduating, I have quite a few offers. I’ve been admitted to Oxford, offered a job at Ernst & Young and received a Fulbright award. I’m really excited about these and I’m feeling very blessed. I know If I hadn’t come to Seton Hall, I most certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am in now."

Kyle PacknickKyle Packnick 

Finance and Sport Management major
Shelton, Connecticut

“After my internship at SportsNet, I was offered a full-time job after graduation. I know this wouldn’t have happened without my mentors and without the support I got from The Career Center.”

Megan Ferguson Megan Ferguson 

Diplomacy and International Relations and Philosophy majors
Tualatin, Oregon

"The Seton Hall community is so welcoming. The faculty are compassionate and caring, and it feels like everyone here is rooting for you to succeed. I found a place where I could grow, find myself and belong."

Stephanie GomulkaStephanie Gomulka 

Journalism & Broadcasting major
Linden, New Jersey

"Seton Hall is small, but mighty. I have friends who went to larger schools — with bigger communication programs — who didn’t get the one-on-one attention I did. "

Zach Blackwood Zach Blackwood 

Marketing and Finance major

Hackettswtown, New Jersey 

"Because so many Seton Hall alumni work at Prudential, Seton Hall has become a top recruiting school for them. So I not only had two internships there, I also got a job after graduation. I owe it all to Seton Hall’s reputation and the alumni who paved the way for my success."

Tiffany Knighten Tiffany Knighten

Public Relations major
Los Angeles, California

"I wouldn't have had half the opportunities I had if I didn't come to Seton Hall. The University has so many resources and so many people willing to help you network and make the connections to get ahead."

Selene PressellerSelene Presseller 

Marketing and Information Management major
Scottsdale, Arizona 

“A business school professor heard I was preparing for an important contest. He emailed, saying he wanted to help me — and he did. Later, he wrote me a recommendation for law school, and I hadn’t even asked him to. This is why I love Seton Hall.”

ClaytonClayton Collier 

Journalism major
Port Jefferson, NY

"I am finishing my senior year with more opportunities and expertise than I would have gotten at a larger school."

Cara Richardson Cara Richardson

Transfer Student
Diplomacy and International Relations and Economics majors
Bridgewater, N.J.

"The quality of the faculty and the tremendous opportunities I've had at Seton Hall have been amazing. I was a youth ambassador at the U.N., studied abroad in Italy and interned at the World Food Program"

Ben Starke video Ben Starke

Biochemistry major
Wayne, N.J.

"Freshman year I conducted research with a faculty member and we used expensive, high-tech equipment that most students don't even have access to until graduate school."

Dwayne Greene yt thumb Dwayne Greene

Finance and Accounting majors
Legal Studies minor
Barbados and Somerset, New Jersey

"Proximity to New York City is one of Seton Hall's greatest assets. There's so much access to experts and resources; all the major financial companies have offices in New York. Every year Seton Hall takes a group of business students to the stock market. I got to ring the opening bell. It's a memory I'll have forever."

Connor Reynolds Connor Reynolds

Finance and Philosophy major, Legal Studies minor
Torrington, Connecticut

"I’ve never felt more positive about my future. I am confident that coming to Seton Hall was the best decision I ever made."

Anna Negron yt thumb Anna Negron

Sport Management major
Vineland, New Jersey

"I love that my professors not only teach, they also continue to work in their fields. This adds so much to my education."

Cassie Denbow yt thumb Cassie Denbow

Diplomacy and International Relations and Economics majors, Spanish minor
Cleveland, Ohio

"Seton Hall gave me the opportunity to explore, grow and develop my career interests. My time at Seton Hall has given me confidence, focus and a great education."

Delores Sarfo Darko yt thumb Delores Sarfo-Darko

Social Work major, Non-Profit Management minor
East Hartford, Connecticut

"One of the things I love best about Seton Hall is its commitment to servant leadership - or giving back to the community. Because of this commitment, I have been able to start my own soon to be non-profit organization with two fellow students, the Little Misses Forum - which was recently featured on CNN."

amy gao Amy Gao

Biology major, Pre-med
Livingston, New Jersey

"Ever since I first stepped onto Seton Hall's campus I always had a support network of people who were willing to help me. That was really important to me because I wanted small classes and I didn't want to be one out of thousands of people. I feel that is exactly what I have gotten at Seton Hall. I've always felt this connection with my adviser and my professors and felt like they weren't here because it was their job, but because they really cared and wanted me to succeed."

Darryl Sessoms Darryl Sessoms

Marketing major
Union, New Jersey

"I felt so confident having Seton Hall on my resume because I know it stands for excellence, and employers know it too. I really feel my four internships and my leadership experiences at Seton Hall helped me get my job at CBS."

Paul Murphy yt thumb Paul Murphy

Transfer Student
Diplomacy and International Relations major
Tallahassee, Florida

"Seton Hall really stresses practical, hands-on learning and internships, so you start building your career while you are in college. They give so much guidance and support. I wouldn't be where I am without the support and opportunities I received at Seton Hall."

David Kelly yt humbDavid Kelly

Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages majors
West Chester, PA

“I couldn't have gotten my internship with the Clinton Foundation or the Mexican Consulate without my adviser and the School of Diplomacy. They connect you with opportunities and give you the tools you need, even preparing you for interviews.”

Daria Preston yt thumb Daria Preston

Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages majors, Economics minor
Palmer, Alaska

"I've been able to do so much during my time at Seton Hall. The opportunities I've been afforded are amazing and have changed my life."

John Hayes yt thumb John Hayes

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

"It's such a wonderful gift to have gone to Seton Hall. The University opened up the world to me; it truly changed my life. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today and I wouldn't have the happiness that I have without Seton Hall."

Brian Wisowaty yt thumb Brian Wisowaty

Graphics Producer, MSNBC

"Seton Hall provided my foundation-the hands-on experience, the network of contacts and mentors and, of course, the education. The experiences I had at Seton Hall were transformational, extending far beyond anything that's just pre-professional."

Anne Cantine yt thumb Anne Cantine

R.N., Intensive Care Unit, Overlook Medical Center

"One of my most profound experiences at Seton Hall was during my service trip to Haiti; it just taught me so much about love and humanity."

Jose Lopez yt thumb Jose Lopez, Ph.D.

Physics professor
"What I enjoy most about teaching is sharing my passion with my students. I love it when a student learns something new for the first time, and they have this 'Eureka!' moment. That never gets old."

Christopher Adams yt thumb Chris Adams

Theology major
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Seton Hall is a place where faith is a strong aspect and where I could grow in my Catholic faith but in no way is anyone excluded."

Theresa Henry yt thumb Theresa Henry, Ph.D., CPA

Accounting Professor
"I think there is a great relationship between the students and the faculty at Seton Hall.  Our job, I believe goes beyond just what we do in the classroom."

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