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Education Professor Wins Outstanding Book Award  

Christopher TienkenDr. Christopher Tienken received the 2019 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award at the 2019 American Education Research Association conference, held in Toronto, Canada. The Society of Professors of Education was founded in 1902 as a professional academic association. It was open to anyone engaged in teacher preparation, curriculum studies, educational foundation, and related topics in education. Founding members included John Dewey and Charles DeGarmo. Other notable members included Harold Rugg, Edward L. Thorndike, and George Counts. 

According to its website, the Society's primary goal is to provide a forum for consideration of major issues, tasks, problems, and challenges confronting professional educators. It was originally called the Society of College Teachers of Education. The Society meets each year at the American Educational Research Association conference. The Society administers the Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award each year. Books must be nominated by a Society member and then reviewed by a committee of five people from the society. 

Defying Standardization is Tienken's third book. The book provides a high energy, passionate, and, well-researched argument of what curriculum should and can be to facilitate the development of unstandardized skills and dispositions necessary for a globally connected society such as collaboration, creativity, empathy, compassion, leadership, networking, persistence, and problem solving. 

Defying Standardization dismantles the myths and lies surrounding international test rankings and demonstrates that there is no relationship to economic indicators or skills that drives the innovation economy. The book provides practical examples for how educators, students, and parents can defy standardization with locally developed, evidence-informed, and globally literate practices to facilitate the development of customized curricula.

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