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ELMP Professor Authors Fourth Book  

Christopher TienkenChristopher H. Tienken, Associate Professor in the Department of Education Leadership, Management, and Policy authored his fourth book, Cracking the Code of Education Reform: Creative Compliance and Ethical Leadership. The book, published by Corwin Press, was officially released on September, 27, 2019.

The book is aimed at school leaders and aspiring school leaders. There are three main purposes for the book: (1) provide a practical tool that school leaders can use to interpret and critique education reform issues within an ethical and evidence-informed framework, (2) provide example critiques of common education reform issues faced by school leaders, and (4) present ideas for how school leaders can ethically and creatively comply with education reform mandates to maximize the positive aspects and minimize the negative aspects.

Cover of Christopher Tienken's book Cracking the Code of Education Reform: Creative Compliance and Ethical Leadership. The cover features a white background with an open lock.Although educational reform is usually marketed for positive change, sometimes it misses the mark. This book provides stakeholders focused on improving student outcomes strategies to evaluate, interpret, and enact policies and proposals to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives of education mandates. In addition to a practical, evidence-based framework for evaluating reform, this book features:

  • Seven specific creative compliance strategies to maximize student and educator success
  • Case studies that illustrate how to critique reforms and take action
  • Reflective questions to guide evaluation and application
  • Ethical decision-making checklist

Michael Lubelfeld, EdD, Author & Public School Superintendent reviewed the book and wrote:

"In Cracking the Code of Education Reform Creative Compliance and Ethical Leadership, Chris Tienken offers the reader an action plan for how to stay true to core values and ethics and still implement education reform on behalf of all students. Even in the era of 'accountability' Tienken reminds us all that the student, not any test or reform is our 'why' as educational leaders. Throughout the book, the 'Try This' features offer in the moment professional learning opportunities. This is a must read for anyone interested in education!"

Joshua Starr, EdD, CEO of PDK International wrote, "If I were still a superintendent, Tienken's ideas would make me nervous. As an educator and father, I think it is exactly what we need."

The book is available directly from Corwin Press and all major book sellers.

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For more information, please contact:

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