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FBI Special Agent Patrick McMonigle Speaks to National Security Fellows on Future Careers  

Patrick McMonigleOn February 28th, graduate students with the National Security Fellowship Research Team were afforded the opportunity to speak with Special Agent Pat McMonigle from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Special Agent McMonigle and the fellows discussed career opportunities within the field of national security and his storied career as an intelligence analyst with the FBI, a Collections Officer with the Department of Defense, and his current work in international and domestic counterterrorism. Special Agent McMonigle also serves as the National Executive Board Member of the FBI Agents Association

Special Agent McMonigle felt the call to serve the United States following the loss of a colleague in the tragic attacks on September 11. When relaying this story to the fellows, Special Agent McMonigle noted that this motivation fueled him throughout his entire career and pushed for students to find their own motivation. Special Agent McMonigle discussed his career path, which has included deployments to Afghanistan, assignments with the FBI's Legal Attaché offices in foreign countries such as Somalia, supervising human intelligence teams, and his current role as a crisis / hostage negotiator. His perspective provided students with an insight into how to handle dynamic workplaces with competing interests at play. In addition, Special Agent McMonigle also provided students with career advice and an understanding of what they could do with the tools they possess.

The National Security Fellowship Research Team is currently conducting a research project for reevaluating the strategic relationship between the United States and its partners in the South Asia region. Students have been researching various aspects of the U.S. strategic partnerships to present to officials within the Departments of State and Defense.

The National Security Fellowship Research Team is made up of first- and second-year graduate students from the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. Currently in its fifth year, students are guided by Professor Mohamad Mirghahari, a Seton Hall alumnus, Department of Defense advisor, and former Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff for the Transportation Security Administration. Students utilize academic knowledge to provide solutions and make recommendations on pressing policy issues in foreign policy. To learn more about the National Security Fellowship program, click here.

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