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Curriculum: M.B.A./M.A., Diplomacy and International Relations

Diplomacy and International Relations Component (30 credits)

The Diplomacy Core (24 credits)

DIPL 6000 International Relations Theory 3
DIPL 6001 or DIPL 6180 Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism or Comparative Foreign Policy 3
DIPL 6002 or 6005 International Organizations or Public International Law 3
DIPL 6153 or 6170 Comparative Political Economy Development or Advanced Topics in Economic Development for International Affairs 3
DIPL 6105 or 6155 International Political Economy or Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations 3
DIPL 6310 Research Methods for Policy Analysis 3
DIPL 6311 Master's Research Project 3
DIPL 7111 Internship 3

Diplomacy Electives (6 credits)

DIPL XXXX Diplomacy Electives 6
  Students may choose any two Diplomacy courses at the 6000 or 7000 level to fulfill this requirement.  

*Note: Dual degree students do not take International Perspective (BMBA 9202) or Business Policy Capstone (BMBA 9400). Dual degree students write a Master's Research Project under the guidance of both their Business and Diplomacy advisers.

Stillman School of Business Component (30 credits)

Pre-Qualification Sequence (non-credit bearing)

BBMA 8008 Accounting Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8009 Legal Studies Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8011 Economics Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8013 Finance Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8018 Mathematics Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8019 Statistics Pre-Qualifier N/A
BMBA 8020 IT Management Pre-Qualifier N/A

The Business Core (20 credits)

BMBA 9450 The Launch Experience 2
  (PQs: None)  
BMBA 9451 Corporate Social Responsibility 2
  (PQs: None)  
BMBA 9453 Accounting for Decision Makers 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8008)  
BMBA 9454 Legal Environment 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8009)  
BMBA 9455 The Role of Quantitative Analysis in Business Decision Making 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8018, 8019, 8020)  
BMBA 9456 Management Theory and Practice 2
  (PQs: none)  
BMBA 9457 Market Decision Making 2
  (PQs: none)  
BMBA 9458 Information Technology Management 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8020)  
BMBA 9459 Economics for Managers 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8011)  
BMBA 9460 Financial Decision Making 2
  (PQs: BMBA 8013)  
  (Co-requisites: BMBA 9455 & BMBA 9548)  


The Business Elective Courses (10 credits)

Students can take any elective course as soon as the respective foundation course for the elective course is completed. Students choose from the following: Accounting, Finance, IT Management, International Business Management, Marketing, Sport Management, Supply Change Management.

Students who wish to obtain a specialization may take 12 elective credits (15 for Accounting) from the same discipline (an additional 2 credits beyond what is required). This will result in the student completing 32 total credits (35 for Accounting).

Other Degree Requirements

  MBA Service Project (20 hours)  
  Assessment and Exit Interview  

A comprehensive list of Diplomacy course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalogue.