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Stillman’s Market Research Center Hosts Seventh Annual Pair Up with the Pirates Networking Reception  

Pirates Networking Reception

Market Research Center to host its seventh annual Pair Up with the Pirates networking and award reception.

This Spring, The Market Research Center at Seton Hall University will host its seventh-annual Pair Up with the Pirates Networking and Awards Reception on Thursday, April 13 starting at 6:00 p.m. The event will honor three outstanding business partners based on their partnership projects with Stillman School of Business students, with numerous networking opportunities for both students and executives.

The Market Research Center gives students an opportunity to do real-world market research. This exposure to real projects often leads to close relationships between students and business partners.

The event will honor Charisse Satchell from Siele Industries, Denise Hajjar from Health and Wellness Services, LLC, and Katelyn Brower from Sterling. These business partners demonstrated outstanding collaboration with their student teams which enabled them to provide helpful insights and actionable recommendations.

Students from Stillman School of Business, from all concentrations, will have the chance to meet business partners such as the honorees, in addition to many other external partners in various industries who have employed Stillman graduates or looking to network with current students for potential job placements post-graduation. 

Samantha Stawowy

Samantha (Sam) Stawowy landed a position as Junior Project Director at Lieberman Research after graduating. 

Due to her practical experience in the School’s undergraduate Market Research Certificate at the Stillman School of Business, Samantha (Sam) Stawowy B.S. landed a position as Junior Project Director at Lieberman Research. A Psychology and Economics major, Sam took the certificate program with Professor Adam Warner to further enhance her professional experience in her desired career. After applying to Lieberman Research, Sam spoke about the experiential learning opportunities from the program in her interview, which resulted in her being offered the position.

Sam expressed her interest in market research and loves the variety. “There is a myriad of learning opportunities that come with market research.  And so many different clients that you have the chance to work with,” said Samantha Stawowy. 

Renee Feldman

Renee Feldman, Ph.D., Vice President of Lieberman Research.

Vice President at Lieberman Research, Renee Feldman, Ph.D., was immediately invested. “The Market Research Center at Seton Hall is unique in that it provides students with invaluable, practical experience that prepares them to enter the real-world. This is exactly what draws us to these students.” 

Lieberman Research does both qualitative and quantitative market research for clients in many different fields. Feldman chose Sam because of her energy, enthusiasm, and concrete experience, established in Seton Hall’s market research programs.

Seton Hall has a unique market research program that prepares students with hands-on, real-world applications. This practice sets Seton Hall students up to succeed, showcasing their skills in an ever-changing digital world, where businesses rely on qualitative and quantitative research that drives decision making.

Students from all concentrations will have the chance to meet business partners like Renee Feldman and Sam Stawowy from Lieberman Research at this year’s Pair Up with the Pirates, as well as many others in several different industries. 

For more info about Pair Up with the Pirates and to register for the event, click here.

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