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Management Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BMGT 6503 Management and Organizational Behavior (3)

Overview of theories and behavioral science approaches to more effective management of complex organizations both domestically and globally. Diversity and corporate social responsibility are discussed. Lecture, case study and small group exercises are offered to master conceptual material necessary for management excellence.

BMGT 6900 Environment of Global Business (3)

Focuses on aspects of the legal, political, economic, financial and cultural environment that are critical to successfully identifying and effectively managing international/global business opportunities. Primary emphasis is on exploring the problems and challenges that are posed to management and on the possible ways of addressing them. Classes are a mix of case analysis, discussion, lecture and review of current developments through supplemental reading and guest speakers.

BMGT 7517 Management and Social Response (3)

Examination of the interrelationships between the business sector and other societal institutions with the view of clarifying to whom and for what the corporation is responsible. 

BMGT 7527 International Management Developing Country (3)

Examines characteristics of less-developed countries. Problems arising when multinational corporations make direct investments in manufacturing and other facilities in the Third World. The effect of government policies on foreign investors. Interpreting government regulations. Entry strategies and negotiations, joint ventures, licensing, technology transfer and appropriate technology. Includes extensive discussion of cases on business in developing countries.