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Conference on Women and Gender 2016 (photo credit: Malala Yousafzai photo by Antonio Olmos; Toni Morrison photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)

Women and Gender Studies Conference
Friday, February 12, 2016

Breakfast Buffet and Registration

  • 8:30-9:30: Jubilee Atrium, fourth floor of Jubilee Hall

Please see the display of faculty publications in the window of Walsh Library Archives.  Special thanks to Alan Delozier for arranging the display.

Session I (9 - 10:15 a.m.)

1a. Gender and the Making of Science
Stafford Hall 205

Chair: Cecilia Marzabadi, Professor of Chemistry

  • Karen Gevirtz, Associate Professor of English, "No Girls Allowed: Gender and the Making of Experimental Science"
  • Jonathan Farina, Associate Professor of English, "Austen's Induction, Eliot's Physiology: On the Science of Nineteenth-Century Fiction"
  • Lisa Rose Wiles, Associate Professor, University Libraries, "Feminizing the Forest: Establishing Primatology as a Science"

1b. Undergraduate roundtable on Intersectionality: Gender/Race/Ism
Stafford Hall 206
Chair: King Mott, Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Shawn Bolduc, "Gay Marriage and the Media"
  • Taylor Brown, "Gender Equality Now!"
  • Vincent DelRicco, "Women in Horror Film"
  • Katherine Wolchko, "Women's Reproductive Health Insecurity in the US: Sample Gendered Divisions"
  • Samantha Giedris, "Gender Stereotypes in Sitcoms"
  • Maryam Asjad, "Race and Gender Under the War on Terror"
  • Katherine Villacis, "Machisimo and Hispanic Women"
  • Aya Elbegali, "Benefits of Safe Spaces on College Campuses"

1c. Gender, Marketing, and Authorship
Stafford Hall 207

Chair: Judith Stark, Professor of Philosophy

  • Courtney Starrett, Assistant Professor of Fine and Digital Art, "Clever on Sunday: A visual artist interpretation of the post-WWII persuasion of consumer marketing and the gender gap"
  • Lyndy Danvers, Adjunct Professor of Classics, "Sulpicia: Masculine, Feminine or Neuter?"

1d. Women, Gender, and Servant-Leadership
Stafford Hall 208
Chair: Leslie Bunnage, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Roseanne Mirabella, Professor of Political Science, "Bureau Men and Settlement Women:  The conversation continues through 'effective altruism'"
  • Thomas Rzeznik, Associate Professor of History, "Catholic Sisters in Hospital Management; or, the Dilemmas of Servant-Leadership"
  • Marcia R. Gardner, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Assessment, College of Nursing, "Beyond bus fare: Using GIS for Deconstructing Prenatal Care Travel among Low-income Urban Mothers"

Session II (10:30 -11:45 a.m.)

2a. Gender and Feminism in Turkey and South Asia
Stafford Hall 205

Amrita Ghosh, Instructor of English
  • Nabeela N. Alam, Assistant Professor of International Economic and Development, "Gender and Social Norms in South Asia: Implications for Designing Policies"
  • Didem Ünal-Abaday, Ph.D, "Pious Women Intellectuals' Conceptions of Islamic Feminism in Contemporary Turkey: Unsettling the Divide between Secular and Pious Selves in Postsecular Contexts"

2b. Gender and History: Parenting, Politics and Peace
Stafford Hall 206

Chair: Janine Buckner, Professor of Psychology
  • Larry Greene, Professor of History, "Vera Brittain: English Christian Pacifist and the Morality of WWII Aerial Bombing"
  • Vanessa May, Associate Professor of History, "Delinquent Mothers: Juvenile Delinquency and 1950s Policymaking"
  • Sara Fieldston, Assistant Professor of History, "Parent to the World: Motherhood, Fatherhood, and American Child Sponsorship Programs in the Cold War Era"

2c. The Trina Padilla de Sanz Digital Archive: Recovering the Work of a Poet, Feminist, and Activist
Stafford Hall 207

  • Mary Balkun, Professor of English and Amanda Mita, Archives Specialist

2d. Women and Gender Studies Essay Prize Winners
Stafford Hall 208

Chair: Angela Weisl, Professor of English

Awards Luncheon

12 - 1:15 p.m.
Jubilee Atrium, fourth floor of Jubilee Hall
Please bring your registration receipt to the banquet to assure that you may be seated. Although members of the Seton Hall community may attend both the conference and the luncheon, only participants who registered in advance will be seated.

  • Woman of the Year award, presented by Dr. Joan Guetti, Senior Associate Provost
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton Undergraduate Essay Prize, presented by Angela Weisl, Professor of English
  • High School Essay Prize, presented by Mary Balkun, Professor of English

Session III (1:30 - 2:45 p.m.)

3a. Sexuality and Institutional Safety in Heteronormative Settings
Stafford Hall 111
Chair: Alice Ristroph, Professor of Law, Seton Hall Law School

  • King Mott, Associate Professor of Political Science, "Queering Within the Catholic University: Ethnography"
  • Jenna Ingham, Graduate Student, Rutgers Library Science Program, "Gender's Game: Examining Heteronormativity in Censorship Prohibitive to Queer Youth Information Seeking"
  • Taylor Brown, Undergraduate, Seton Hall University, "Transgender Athlete Rights Under Title IX And NCAA Policy: Inadequacy and Unevenness of Treatment Demands Equal Protection and At Least Intermediate Scrutiny Analysis"

3b. Women in/of Rome
Stafford Hall 205
Chair: David Bénéteau, Professor of Italian Studies

  • Caterina Y. Pierre, Professor of Art History, CUNY at Kingsborough, "Adelaide Maraini-Pandiani (1838-1917) and the Persistence of Romanticism in Ottocento Sculpture"
  • Gabriella Romani, Associate Professor of Italian, "Erminia Fuà Fusinato (1834-1876) and her educational policies in late Nineteenth-Century Rome"
  • Molly Tambor, Assistant Professor of History, Long Island University, "The Italian Resistance in a Roman setting: Carla Capponi and the bomb in Via Rasella"

3c. Gendering Responses to Terror: The Women of Lockerbie
Stafford Hall 206

Chair: Peter Reader, Associate Professor of Theater

  • Deborah Brevoort, playwright

3d. Gendered Faith? Christian Feminism and Women's Vocation
Stafford Hall 207
Chair: Ines Murzaku, Professor of Catholic Studies

  • Sr. Ange Marie ("Sr. Angel") Capdeville, Apostolic Sisters of St. John
  • Sr. Francesca Therese Ceniza, Apostolic Sisters of St. John
  • Dr. Monika Rice, Adjunct Professor of Catholic Studies
  • Mr. Andrew K Roushdy, Catholic Studies Major

3e. Women of Mindanao: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Female Divinity, Activism and Indigenism
Stafford Hall 208
Chair: Peter Savastano, Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

  • Florina Capistrano-Baker, Ayala Museum, "Divine Female Images: Adornment and Adoration in Pre-Hispanic Philippines"
  • Vivienne Angeles, Associate Professor of Religion, La Salle University, "From Secessionism to Social Activism: Muslim Women's Movements in the Philippines"
  • Cherubim Quizon, Associate Professor of Anthropology, "Indigenism, Past And The Present: Mindanao Women's Accounts Of Divorce, Plural Marriage, and Working Life"

Keynote Address

3 - 4:15 p.m.
Chancellor's Suite, University Center
Rifat Salam, Associate Professor of Sociology, CUNY, "Negotiating Identity, Navigating Divides, and Building Bridges: South Asian Women in Millennial America "


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