Seton Hall University
Women's Conference 2014

Woman of the Year Award

This highly prestigious, university-wide award is presented annually at the Women’s Conference and is sponsored by the Office of the Provost. 

Seton Hall University has a longstanding tradition of honoring outstanding women who have made significant contributions to their fields, communities and to the success of other women in the Seton Hall community and beyond.  

In addition to being strong leaders focused on service to and/or research in support of the advancement of women, nominees must have been employed by the university for at least 10 years and be in good standing with the university.  

Students, staff, faculty and administrators are all welcome to submit nominations. Note that this honor is considered a “lifetime award”—be sure to check out the list of prior recipients below before submitting a nomination so as not to nominate a former awardee for a second time.

Past Award Recipients

1997 Lynn Riker 
1998 Dr. Judith Stark
1999 Dr. Tracy Gottlieb 
2000 Dr. Sandra Lee 
2001 Doris Sura 
2002 Catherine Buckley
Dr. Joan Guetti
Dr. Gisella Webb 
2003 Dr. Emma Quartaro 
2004 Dr. Mary Meehan       
Dr. Roseanne Mirabella 
2005 Robin Cunningham
Mary Ellen Farrell
Judith LaFerrera 
2006 Kathleen Boozang, Esq.     
Elizabeth Defeis, Esq.         
Paula Franzese Esq.       
Dr. Ruth Hutchison              
Sister Anita Talar 
2007 Dr. Patricia Kuchon 
2008 Dr. Karen Boroff                   
Dr. Laura Wankel 
2009 Ingrid Hill
Dr. Mary Balkun
Beth Bloom 
2010 Dr. Maxine Lurie 
2011 Dr. Chrysanthy M. Grieco 
2012 Dr. Phyllis Hansell 
2013 Dr. Marta Deyrup            
Brenda Knight

Submit a Nomination

Current administrators, staff and faculty members from all areas of the University are eligible for the Woman of the Year award, and can be nominated by an individual or group.

All nominations must be received by Wednesday, March 12.

Once selected, the recipient will be honored at this year's Women's Conference, which takes place on Friday, March 28, in the Main Lounge of the University Center.

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