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This is Allan’s Journey.

Studying for his master's degree in theology touched Allan Wright’s life at the deepest level. Now, he uses his education to inspire countless individuals as he brings the Word of God to life.

A member of Seton Hall's Class of 1986, Allan enjoyed a positive experience pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University. So when it was time to consider a graduate school, he looked to his alma mater and developed an interest in Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology (ICSST). "I had met a number of professors and priests who had attended ICSST, and upon walking the grounds and meeting the people, I knew this was the place for me," says Allan.

Before Allan fully matriculated into the M.A. Theology program with a concentration in Sacred Scripture, he was permitted to take a single course to "get his feet wet." Allan says that proceeding in this way "gave me confidence as well as a hunger for further studies." It was a hunger he satisfied throughout the next few years, learning from professors whose "knowledge of scripture drew me deeper into the study of theology. As the author of five books with Scriptural themes, I am indebted to them."

"Author" is, in fact, one of many vocations Allan has been called to follow, and one of many to which he has been able to apply his studies. Currently, he is the academic dean for evangelization at St. Paul Inside the Walls, the Catholic Center for Evangelization in the Diocese of Paterson. He also hosts a radio show on Radio Maria called “Jesus the Evangelist: A Gospel Guide to the New Evangelization” based on one of his books. He has taught at Union Catholic High School, at Assumption College for Sisters, for the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and even at his own alma mater, Seton Hall. "I've been able to share the insights and applications of scripture with my students," Allan says.

Additionally, he has presented at over 100 parishes and conferences throughout the country, and has even participated in television interviews for Fox News. The award-winning author's most recent book, "Daily Companion for Young Catholics," was published by Catholic Book Publishing Company in April 2014. "As an author, it's always my hope that I may provide some insights and new perspectives to my readers that they may grow closer to Christ as well," says Allan.

He is also a husband and father. "I allow the Word of God, as rich as it is, to 'dwell in my heart' as St. Paul says. This Word has taken root, and the fruit of which I can see in my personal life," says Allan.

"My start at ICSST has taken me in many beautiful directions," he continues. "The level of scholarship there led me to a deeper theological understanding of both scripture and the role of the Church in society. This 'built me up' and allowed me to speak the same theological language as the Church, which opened doors for dialogue with many others. Increased knowledge with love and humility were modeled by the professors and staff, and I still carry that with me today."

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