Looking to get a jumpstart on college and strengthen your college applications? Eligible high school students can earn college credit and prepare for college-level work by taking courses at Seton Hall University this summer!

College Credit Courses

High school students who will be entering their junior or senior year have the opportunity this summer to earn college credit by taking academically rigorous, college level course-work at a fraction of the cost.

Students may review below the list of courses that are available to high school students as part of the Pre-College Program. All courses that have been designated for the program will run from July 5 - August 8, 2017.

The Pre-College Registration form may be accessed through the "Register Now" link on this page. Both the form and payment must be submitted together and received no later than June 10, 2017.

The tuition rate for Pre-College courses is $1,500 per three-credit course plus a $49 summer registration fee. That is more than 50% off the regular tuition rate.

For more information regarding the Pre-College Program, check out our FAQ's page.

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Oral Communication
COST 1600
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Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 1101
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Principles of Economics I
ECON 1402
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Pre Calc Math Alg and Trig
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College Algebra
MATH 1014 BA
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