Seton Hall University
Love Connections

Dianne (Flath) ʼ70 and Tony Simonelli ʼ68/M.B.A. ʼ72

"I met my future wife the weekend Seton Hall went from all male to co-ed. It was January 20, 1968 and the University sponsored a trip to a basketball game at Annapolis and a weekend in Washington D.C. We met on the bus. A few weeks later she asked me out! We were "pinned" in May, engaged the next March and married in the Chapel on April 4, 1970. Dianne was a sophomore nursing student when we met and I was a last semester senior graduating in 1968. She graduated a few weeks after we were married in 1970. Soon to be married 44 years, we have three children, six grandchildren, and although we live in South Carolina, we still return occasionally to walk around and see the beautiful Chapel in all of its refurbished glory. The campus holds a very special place in our hearts. I had the further great experience of attending Seton Hall Prep on the campus and received my M.B.A. from the University as well."

Lucille (Solazzi) ʼ73 and Tom Fallon ʼ71

"Tom was a senior who lived off-campus, and I was a freshman who commuted to Seton Hall. I met him in the cafeteria through a mutual friend who lived near him. I would see him walking to campus and would give him a ride into the Ward Place entrance. My best friend liked Tom and would ask me to come with her to talk to him in the cafeteria. Well, as luck would have it, he asked me out instead! I never dated anyone else. We were married in the chapel on March 2, 1974, by Father Mike Moran. We will celebrate 40 years of marriage in March 2014."

Vanessa Anne (Madlangbayan) ʼ08 and Vincent Benenati ʼ08

Vanessa Anne (Madlangbayan) ʼ08 and Vincent Benenati ʼ08"Vanessa and I met during our freshman year in 2004. We became good friends in a group of like-minded people. While we did not officially start dating until 2007, I knew when I met her that she was "the one." Vanessa attended the B.S.N. program at Seton Hall and I could tell by her caring, giving, peaceful and loving manner that she would be a wonderful wife. We married on October 23, 2010, in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and it was absolutely beautiful. We had so many great memories at Seton Hall that it seemed only appropriate to get married at the wonderful University that brought us together. Vanessa now works at Stony Brook University Medical Center as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department, while I work for a healthcare company based on Long Island. We look forward to continuing to support Seton Hall in any way we can!"

Diana (Jones) ʼ06 and Greg Cecchini ʼ06

Diana (Jones) ʼ06 and Greg Cecchini ʼ06"Greg and I met through mutual friends during our freshman year at Seton Hall. We started off as good friends; hanging out every night at the Pirate's Cellar in Boland Hall where we lived or playing volleyball at the Walsh Gymnasium. Our friendship blossomed into a relationship, and we became college sweethearts by the second semester of freshman year. Our first date was on Valentine's Day at Bunny's on South Orange Avenue. After freshman year, we lived across the hall from one another in Xavier Hall until we graduated together in 2006. We will always remember studying together on the Green, taking walks down South Orange Ave., and going to 10 o'clock mass together at the Chapel every Sunday night. It was because of this wonderful memory that we decided to get married there on May 21, 2011. Our four years at Seton Hall University were such a happy time for us. Greg now works for McGraw Hill Financial in New York City and Diana is a neonatal ICU registered nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center. We still get season tickets to the Seton Hall men's basketball games and we attend regularly."

Kolleen Meeker ʼ99 and Anthony "AJ" Tesoriero ʼ99

Kolleen Meeker ʼ99 and Anthony "AJ and I graduated from the same high school and were friendly there but never started dating until we reunited at Seton Hall. He started one year ahead of me so he was already familiar with the campus when I began my freshman year in fall 1995. We were both commuters, and on my first day I arrived very early to school and was sitting on a bench outside of the Bishop Doherty Student Center when AJ spotted me and came over. I was so relieved to see a familiar face. He showed me all around the campus so I would know where to go and since we had a similar schedule we made plans to meet up for lunch. AJ was a part of WSOU and had an engineer shift that night so he invited me to check out the station after my evening class. After that day I was hooked on WSOU and knew I would be applying to work at the radio station. It didn't take long for me to realize I was also hooked on AJ! We starting dating in spring 1996 and were married on Halloween in 2004. Seton Hall was such an important factor in our relationship - not just with each other, but with our dearest friends as well. We all met at WSOU or around the campus of Seton Hall and we are as close today as ever. I visited the campus just recently and took a picture on that bench outside the student center where I ran into AJ on my first day. If I hadn't been sitting there that morning, everything may not have turned out the way it did."

Joanna (Pennell) ʼ97 and Anthony Violante ʼ98

Joanna (Pennell) ʼ97 and Anthony Violante ʼ98"I met my husband the first day of school during our first college class in August 1993. We became friends and remained that way for two years. Then he accompanied me to my sorority formal. And that's when everything changed. We dated for four years and got engaged at a park we used to go to near Seton Hall. We were married on October 21, 2001 at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. We had a horse and carriage and bagpipes; it was magical!"

Caryn Parlavecchio ʼ93/M.A. ʼ96 and Michael Parlavecchio ʼ93/J.D. ʼ96

"We were introduced in Boland Hall during fall semester of freshman year. Our oldest daughter's name is Elizabeth Anne (coincidence?), and Father Paul Holmes, whom we both had for class, performed our wedding ceremony at the Chapel."

Kiyomi (Juillerat) ʼ12 and Edward Millar ʼ12

Kiyomi (Juillerat) ʼ12 and Edward Millar ʼ12"I had met her twice, or so I'm told. Kiyomi sat across from me in an anthropology course during my final year at Seton Hall, as she had the year before (apparently). Nervous glances from across the room became blushed cheeks and awkward smiles when we spoke for the first time. We were drawn into the same group project by chance of numbers: fate doing what we were both too shy to do. It took an hour for me to blurt out that she was my 'favorite person.' I can still feel the first time she smiled; the first laugh; the first our eyes connected. A lifetime with her was the easiest decision I ever made. Going into our final year, we both had plans to leave the United States and live in a foreign country after graduation. She wanted someplace warmer and I wanted somewhere cooler. Little did we know that day we would be doing it together as husband and wife. Or that we would return home with a new reason to smile: a daughter."

Meredith (Edlin) M.A. ʼ13 and James Carli M.A. ʼ13

Meredith (Edlin) M.A. ʼ13 and James Carli M.A. ʼ13"We met as first-semester Diplomacy graduate students studying in Walsh Library. Meredith was working on her first graduate school paper when she saw that James put up a Facebook status about one of the books she was missing for her class. They chatted online for a few minutes before she asked him to come read her paper. Despite having homework to do himself, James decided he should take the time to meet a fellow diplomacy student. This girl was smart -- really smart. He praised her work and walked back to his study space across the library. Later, when Meredith was finished writing, she found James and asked to borrow the book that she needed to read. No reading got done that evening. They talked about all manner of topics, including politics (of course).  Eventually, they decided it was time to head back to their respective dorms. When Meredith realized she had missed her shuttle, James said she could wait for the next one at his dorm. They talked and laughed until 2 a.m., missing the last shuttle departure at 1:30. It was dark, rainy and late, so Meredith couldn't refuse when James offered to drive her back on his little red Vespa.  When they got downstairs to the Vespa, James went to put on his helmet when he realized that he had given Meredith the wrong one. He started to undo her chinstrap when he leaned in and kissed her, right then and there! The rest is history."

Georgette (Carter) ʼ91 and Edward Chrystal ʼ88/M.A.E. ʼ99

Georgette (Carter) ʼ91 and Edward Chrystal ʼ88/M.A.E. ʼ99"Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I looked up to many Seton Hall graduates when I was younger, including family members and teachers. It was only fitting that I attended Seton Hall University and even more appropriate that I met the love of my life there. During my junior year, I was working as a resident assistant in "New Boland" and was immediately smitten with a beautiful young desk assistant. Georgette was a nursing student who lived on the opposite wing of my floor. Ever the charmer, I was able to break the ice one evening when I was in desperate need of change for clean laundry.  She was working the desk that night and was able to break my dollar bills for quarters. We dated through our next two years at Seton Hall. I received an Army Reserve Commission through ROTC and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Georgette received a bachelor's degree in nursing and her RN certification. Not long after my graduation, we were married at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. Three kids and 25 years later, Georgette and I are still living out our 'happily ever after' and maintain friendships forged at Seton Hall and fond memories of our college years with friends and family."

Beatrice (Salmieri) ʼ62 and Tom Walsh ʼ61

"We met at the annual Seton Hall Glee Club banquet in May 1961. Her date had fallen through and I did not have one so both of us went 'stag'. I fell for her like a ton of bricks.  I saw her as much as I could that summer. We were married in September 1962 after she graduated with a B.S.N. degree and obtained her registered nurse certification. We now have four children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren."

Lauren (Schmidt) ʼ08/M.A.E. ʼ12 and Thomas Meyers ʼ07/ M.A. ʼ13

Lauren (Schmidt) ʼ08/M.A.E. ʼ12 and Thomas Meyers ʼ07/ M.A. ʼ13"We met in spring 2004. Tom was finishing his freshman year at Seton Hall and I was about to begin my first year of college following high school graduation. We dated throughout our years at Seton Hall, and shared time on campus attending daily Mass, sharing meals, classes, and were once escorted by Securitas from the top of the parking deck where we would dance and enjoy the view of campus at night. We were married in 2009, and both of us went on to pursue master's degrees at Seton Hall. I graduated from the EPICS program in 2012 and Tom earned a master's degree in history in 2013. We have two children, John Augustine and Charles Ignatius, who have also visited our alma mater. Charles was baptized by our former professor, Father Doug Milewski."

Mary Ellen McGowan ʼ77 and Don Urbanowicz ʼ77/M.B.A. ʼ80

"I met my husband at Seton Hall in 1973. We were both freshmen and I was one of the first of 40 women to live in Boland Hall. The designated Women's Residence Hall was filled to capacity, so the first floor east wing in Old Boland Hall was opened to women for the first time. Both my husband and I were business majors. We did not start dating until the end of sophomore year, but we had been friends since the first semester of freshman year. I changed my major to nursing in sophomore year and we both graduated in 1977. After working for a short time, Don returned to earn his M.B.A. We have been married for 32 years and have three grown children, one of whom went to Seton Hall Prep. My sister, Anne McGowan, ʼ78/M.P.A. ʼ94 and her husband, Joe Connor ʼ76 also met at Seton Hall. Their picture is part of the True Blue campaign. Their son, Brian, also obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Seton Hall. As you can see, we are a Seton Hall family."

Laura Galanaugh-Avalos ʼ93/ M.A.E. ʼ99 and Peter Avalos ʼ94/M.S. ʼ01/M.B.A. ʼ02

Laura Galanaugh-Avalos ʼ93/ M.A.E. ʼ99 and Peter Avalos ʼ94/M.S. ʼ01/M.B.A. ʼ02"Peter and I met during our senior year. We both feel very connected to the University, and we continued to stay involved over the years through Pirate Blue. We returned to earn our graduate degrees from Seton Hall as well. We did not hesitate to choose the Chapel for our wedding Mass because of its exquisite beauty and its significance to us as a couple. We were married on December 4, 1999 in 63 degree weather!"

Elizabeth Oddo ʼ81/M.B.A. ʼ87 and Kevin Kane ʼ81

Elizabeth Oddo ʼ81/M.B.A. ʼ87 and Kevin Kane ʼ81"If you didn't get to school by 8 a.m. when we were students there was no parking on campus. We used to park on the street and enter the campus by the old recreation center. I met my husband in freshman English, when we were both commuters. I thought he was really cute so I got to know him, and one day when I parked on the side street he happened to be parking at the same time. We walked to class together and he told me he had class at that time every morning, so I just "happened" to get there at the same time every day, even when my classes started later! We got engaged the September after graduation and were married in the Chapel on October 9, 1982. Three daughters and 31 years later we still laugh at how I "conveniently" met up with him daily and he fell for it!."

Christine Butfilowski ʼ74 and David Warnock ʼ74/ M.B.A. ʼ81

Christine Butfilowski ʼ74 and David Warnock ʼ74/ M.B.A. ʼ81"We met the first day of orientation in August 1970. Chris was assigned to my sister, Rosemary (Warnock ʼ73) Seery's group, and I decided to join that group as well. We became fast friends for all of freshman year and started dating after that 2nd Semester in May 1971. We got engaged on Christmas Eve 1972 and were married by Father William Keller ʼ43 (a professor of mine) at the Chapel in a Latin Mass on May 3, 1975. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in math and returned to earn my M.B.A. in finance in 1981. Chris earned her degree in education, Spanish and Latin and graduated magna cum laude. She went on to teach Spanish to middle school students for many years in Cranford and East Brunswick, NJ. We are still together and still best friends. We celebrate Christmas every year with Seton Hall alumni and families: Darryl Rothermal ʼ74, Frank Adamcik '75, Frank Pinteno '75, and Bill Francis '74/M.B.A. ʼ 76. We are proud of our Seton Hall Heritage, and we love the family we have become as we've grown together through the years. We are also proud contributors to the annual fund."

Elizabeth Gacki ʼ97/J.D. ʼ01 and Darren Rydberg ʼ95/M.B.A. ʼ99/J.D. ʼ99

"Liz and I met one night outside of the Seton Hall Pub in spring 1994 when I was selling hot dogs to hungry students as part of a fraternity fundraiser.  After inviting Liz to the Phi Kappa Sigma formal, we fell in love and have been together for 20 years.  On Aug. 19, 2000, we were married in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception with many fellow Seton Hall alumni joining us as a part of the wedding party and as our guests.  We renewed our vows for the first time on our 10th anniversary, once again at the Seton Hall Chapel with Monsignor Sheeran, who married us and baptized each of our sons, Marc (in 2003), Eric (in 2005) and Gregory (in 2009). We visit Seton Hall often as True Blue alumni and look forward to joining everyone on Valentine's Day once again to remember and renew our vows! Like many others, our courtship and our lives together is a true Seton Hall love story, and we are so grateful to our alma mater for bringing us together and for being a constant presence in our lives forever."

Catherine Murphy ʼ76 and Dennis Flynn ʼ76

Catherine Murphy ʼ76 and Dennis Flynn ʼ76"Dennis and I met during our freshman year in September 1972. Dennis was already familiar with the campus, having spent four years there at Seton Hall Prep.  It was a new experience for me.  He was majoring in psychology and biology and I was majoring in accounting so we didn't share many classes.  Dennis was a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity and I was in Zeta Chi Rho Sorority.  At that time, the fraternities and sororities had "tables" in the Galleon Room in the Student Center.  Sigma Pi's table was next to the Zeta Chi Rho table so we often had lunch together. We enjoyed dancing at the mixers.  We got engaged in December 1974, graduated on May 15, 1976 and were married exactly one week later on May 22, 1976.

This May we will celebrate our 38th anniversary.  We have three grown children (Colleen, Michael and Brendan) each married; four grandchildren (Jack, Nora, Millicent, and Emmeline) and the fifth is due this June.  Our two sons and our daughter-in-law are Seton Hall grads too.

We have been season ticket holders for men's basketball since we graduated. Our kids and grandchildren are regulars at the games too.  We have been proud supporters of Seton Hall, Pirate Blue and the basketball team.  Our blood runs blue, as my dad attended Seton Hall and my grandmother, an immigrant from Ireland, ran many events to assist the school, the priests and missions and many other worthy organizations.

Dennis played intramural basketball in the Bubble at the Hall in the early '70s and I spent many days watching his team and cheering them on.  I returned to the Hall years later and received my Certificate in the Management of Non Profit Organizations. 

We still live in New Jersey and Seton Hall holds a special place in our hearts.  At the recent University Day we joined True Blue.  We look forward to renewing our vows at the Valentine's Day 2014 event on campus.  Hazard Zet Forward!"

Seton Hall Chapel Voted "Insanely Beautiful"

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Seton Hall Chapel

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