Pirate Adventure

In Search of Doubloons

What's a doubloon, you ask? A doubloon is a gold coin formerly used in Spain and Spanish America, pronounced dŭ-blōōn. A doubloon is definitely worth collecting! We have strategically placed 31 doubloons around the University's web site. By finding and then clicking on these various doubloons, you will learn of the many services and resources available to you. Take advantage of the HINTS listed below; we've thrown in a few easy ones.

doubloon-badgeCollecting doubloons can also lead you to badges. Find 8 doubloons and you'll earn the Pieces of Eight badge. Find 20 and you're a Treasure Seeker. Find all 31 and you've become the Doubloon Hunter, and earned the most prestigious badge of them all! Learn more about badges at the Pirate Patch Blog. Good luck and happy hunting!

  1. Here and now - always a good place and time to start!
  2. Be Advised!
  3. It's all about you, as a Freshman!
  4. "... for your safety and security."
  5. DSS, help those who help themselves.
  6. Swipe away. Some call it your Campus ID, others say SHU ID (either way, keep it with you at all times).
  7. Pirate's Gold, accepted anywhere on these 58 acres!
  8. Do you need a little cash in your pocket and looking for a part-time job?
  9. When it comes to choosing a career, planning is fundamental.
  10. Where's the Center for writing right, and is it true they keep an OWL there?
  11. All cool Pirates tune in!
  12. You might have found SHU's OWL, but how about the DOVE?
  13. From Band-Aids to counseling, they're ready to help.
  14. From registering to checking your grades...this net catches all!
  15. Get involved! Your community needs you and the benefits are returned.
  16. Forms, forms everywhere. Did you complete your health form, yet?
  17. Housing - Residence - Life. An easy hint; just use the SHU search and grab your doubloon.
  18. READ ME, the next time you need to register.
  19. So many books, so little 'time'.
  20. Does anyone know what time mass starts?
  21. For the students, by the students - a government you can trust.
  22. The best way to know where you're going is to carry a COMPASS.
  23. You may have seen a horse fly, but have you ever seen a SHU fly?
  24. "A Pirate's life for me" can be found in Boland Hall's Pirate Cellar.
  25. Facing rough waters navigating thru your first semester? Seek counsel.
  26. Park it!
  27. If your laptop is feeling a little seasick, stop by for some support.
  28. Set sail for this destination of dates, schedules and Pirate happenings.
  29. All you need is a stamp - the mailman does the rest.
  30. Start a conversation on one of our social networks.
  31. "Communicate, Collaborate, Contribute" ...technically speaking.
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