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Meet Dr. Donald Black P'16 

black, donaldIn the high-stakes world of drug development, where only 10 percent of experimental medicines receive government approval, choosing the right project is essential.

No one knows that better than Dr. Donald Black P’16, an eminent clinical researcher who helped bring the anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor to market.

“With the kind of work I do, one always wants to know ‘What’s the strategic vision? Is this a good investment? Where do things go from here?’” he said.

Black asked the same questions about Seton Hall when his son Tyler enrolled in the undergraduate program at the Stillman School of Business.

“I see more and more pressure on small to medium-sized universities,” he said. “If there’s going to be a shaking out of these institutions as we go forward—as I think there will be—I wanted to know ‘Is Seton Hall making the right choices?’”

“Now that I’m investing in my son’s education here, I’m confident that it is,” he continued. “This worked out perfectly in terms of [Seton Hall’s] size, location and the kind of education it offers.”

Tyler also considered Rutgers, the College of New Jersey and High Point University in North Carolina in his search process, but felt most comfortable at Stillman.

“He felt a personal connection to Dean Strawser, and he was impressed by the school’s can-do attitude and hands-on approach,” Black said. “For someone like him who wants to go into entrepreneurship and small companies, those are all good qualities to learn.”

Black and his wife, Shari, joined the Parents Leadership Council to assist Seton Hall’s strategic initiatives. He is particularly interested in how the University can grow on its 85-acre campus and provide more opportunities to disadvantaged students.

They understand that helping to ensure Seton Hall’s success will enhance the value of their son’s degree. “It’s great to be able to say I went to the University of Michigan or I went to business school or law school at Cincinnati because people respond to that,” Black said.

“You want that kind of recognition of your experience.”

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