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Move In 2014

Welcoming the Class of 2018

Thursday, August 21, hundreds of members of the University community are welcoming the Class of 2018 with the long-standing traditional Move-In Day for first year students, bringing together faculty, staff, upperclassmen and alumni to help the 2,422 residents, including 1,048 new resident Setonians and their families to settle into campus life.

Standing curbside at Aquinas and Boland Halls, caring volunteers express their Pirate Pride as they greet the 1,265 freshmen to the University. Students are experiencing the newly renovated Aquinas Hall, with a new entry lobby and fourth floor residential and public spaces, enhancing student life.

New Pirates Express Excitement

Roommates Laura Colantonio and Mikaela Milano
Roommates Laura Colantonio and
Mikaela Milano

“When touring with my brother, I felt drawn to Seton Hall’s sense of community,” said Laura Colantonio, of Hebron, Connecticut. Laura is a marketing major in the Leadership Development Honors Program at the Stillman School of Business.

Her roommate, Mikaela Milano, of Toms River, NJ, is a finance major in the Leadership Development Honors Program.  “The instrumental factor in my decision to attend Seton Hall was participating in the Business Leadership Program.” She shared that the program experiences will prepare her for career success.

Her parents, Greg and Edie Milano were excited about the day. They attended a Wall Street cocktail party with Stillman alumni, which granted them the opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations and instilled confidence in the capacity of the program to provide for their daughter’s future. The Leadership Breakfast “sealed the deal” in selecting the University. In addition, they were pleased that she continues the family legacy of Greg’s uncle, the late Bishop Michael Saltarelli, who attended the school in the Fifties and was ordained a priest by Archbishop Boland.

Gaspar Jean-Baptiste and his family
Gaspar Jean-Baptiste
and his family

Gaspar Jean-Baptiste of Long Island is admitted to the six-year Physician Assistant program. He said, “I most enjoyed visiting Seton Hall. It was the only college I considered that provided both the right academic program and still maintained a small homey campus.” Many of his relatives are in the health industry and recommended Seton Hall, praising the reputation of the School of Health and Medical Sciences and the challenge of being in such a rewarding program.

Olivia Eubanks with her mother, Carol Mason-Eubanks
Olivia Eubanks with Carol Mason-Eubanks

Olivia Eubanks of Sacramento, CA, is a broadcasting major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She said, “I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life.  It’s really fun.  It’s independence. I’m from California, so I am really separating from my whole family.”

Olivia’s mom, Carol Mason-Eubanks, said that the size was a deciding factor. “Seton Hall is small.  People will know her name.  That was important to her,” Carol said.  “The location is fabulous.  You are around everything – for her internships.  That was the great thing about it. And we love the people we have met so far, the professors and the advisers.”

Samantha Shirtliff and her parents
Samantha Shirtliff
with her parents

Samantha Shirtliff, from Harrisburg, PA, will be competing on the swim team this year. She said she is most looking forward to getting back into the pool and diving into her academics. Shirtliff said, “I’m excited. I can’t wait for swim practices and school to start.”

Eve Shirtliff, Samantha’s mom, was impressed with the ease of moving in. “It has gone extremely well. We have sent three to college and by far this is the easiest move-in that we ever experienced. The people here helping us move in, and the parking made it very easy and accessible. It is very nice,” Eve said.

Daren Gutierrez
Daren Gutierrez

Linden, NJ native Daren Gutierrez is an accounting major hoping to take on a second major of Finance. He chose Seton Hall based on the reputation of the Stillman School of Business. “Their business program is well known. This was my top choice. Scholarships made a difference as well.”

His mom, Wendy Cavrera, connected with the sense of community on campus. “From the first day that we visited the campus, it has been very welcoming. Today, everyone has been really helpful.”

Teresa Gonzales, of Boston, MA, is accustomed to frequent moves as the child of two parents formerly employed by the Air Force. Teresa was drawn to Seton Hall by the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. “I chose Seton Hall mainly because of the great diplomacy program they have. It is close to New York City, which is a hub for diplomacy and international relations.”

Teresa’s mom Elinor Gonzales shared her pleasant experience of move-in day. “This was amazing. I have never seen so much organization. The school made us feel so welcome. Everyone is enthusiastic and helpful. That has been my experience with Seton Hall since we visited last March. It has impressed the heck out of me,” Elinor said.

Anthony Hector of North Bergen, NJ, has seen parts of the Seton Hall experience via his sister, who also studies at the University. “My sister goes here, so I saw how nice the campus is and how homey it feels. I also like the business program here, so it was a good fit for me,” Hector said.

 Welcome Week Schedule of Events

Look forward to seeing you at all of the fun events and programs planned just for students.

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