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Among the Best and Brightest

Today, August 27, the Seton Hall community welcomes our newest members, the incoming Class of 2019. This class is one of the largest, most diverse and academically accomplished classes in more than three decades.

ROTC and PirateThese newest Setonians are participating in the longstanding tradition of Move-In Day - where faculty, staff, ROTC cadets, students and alumni converge to help new students and residents settle into campus life.

During President Esteban's tenure, Seton Hall has enrolled five of the largest classes in more than 32 years. In addition, student selectivity has increased. Since implementing the enrollment management plan in fall 2009, the SAT scores of incoming freshmen have increased by close to 100 points. Also, the percentage of freshmen ranked in the top ten percent of their class has increased from 24 to 35 percent.

The Class of 2019 totals 1,402 freshmen about to embark on a journey of servant leadership. This year's Move-In Day volunteers will be welcoming 1,094 incoming freshmen taking up residence in campus housing - bringing the total number of student residents at Seton Hall to 2,435.

In addition to marked increases in student population over the last several years, and once again this year, the number and proportion of students from out of state have also increased - with the incoming freshman class now nearly 40 percent out of state as opposed to 30 percent just a few years ago. Casting a wide, diverse and accomplished net, the class of 2019 represents 38 states and 23 countries - including China, Thailand, Israel and Kenya.

Make sure to welcome the new class of Proud Pirates at #SetonHall2019 and #SetonHall.

Meet Some of Our Newest Pirates

Joshua Corpuz Joshua Corpuz from Boston, Mass., is majoring in diplomacy. He is in the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Leadership Program and a member of the University Honors Program. He came to Seton Hall because of the MLK program. He is very passionate about the social justice aspect of the program and wants to work in Latin America with women who are victims of sexual abuse. This year Joshua hopes to take a class on theology and Latin America.

Stephanie NwaiwuStephanie Nwaiwu  is from Los Angeles, Calif., and is majoring in sport management. She always wanted to go to school on the East Coast, and when she saw Seton Hall she knew it was the right environment for her. She met Michael Reuter, director of the Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development, which prepares students to achieve their fullest potential in their professional and personal life. Stephanie was inspired to follow her path at Seton Hall partly because of our NCAA Division I sports program and the experiences it will afford her, especially for travelling and internship opportunities.

Jasmine LassalleJasmine Lassalle from Paterson, NJ, is majoring in nursing and was attracted to Seton Hall because of its academic rigor and Catholic tradition. "I love that I am able to be so close to home and still attend such a prestigious university," she said. "I am so grateful for my scholarship to attend the University and look forward to what's to come."

Amanda Baier Amanda Baier arrived from San Diego, Calif., and is a pre-med biology major. Amanda is excited to experience the University and the East Coast weather for the first time. Her mother Linette said, "We love that the campus is so welcoming and inviting. As much as we hate to be away from her, we feel good sending our daughter here."

Isabela GoodmanIsabela Goodman whose journey has taken her from New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina to Pittsburgh, PA., has, according to her step-father Jim DeLonge "finally found a home at Seton Hall." She is majoring in business and is part of the Leadership Development Honors Program. DeLonge noted, "She was really set on attending another school, but she changed her mind after visiting Seton Hall and experiencing the University's commitment to her attendance. She really felt this was a place where she could thrive, she wouldn't be anonymous and she would have a more personal experience."

Victoria Mazur, from Detroit, Mich., and Goodman's roommate is majoring in biology, she aspires to be an oncologist. "I grew up surrounded by the University of Michigan and a number of other large schools. The individualized attention and personalized relationships at Seton Hall really appealed to me- plus it's so close to New York!."

Christian "Kainoa" Spenser hails from Scottsdale, Ariz., and is majoring in diplomacy and international relations. "I chose Seton Hall after a recommendation from my college adviser. I loved that SHU was close to New York, and I was given a scholarship that helped sway me," Christian said. He was also drawn by a sense of adventure, as his entire family is from the West Coast.

Cole RonquilloCole Ronquillo comes to Seton Hall from Jupiter, Fla., and is a business major. Cole found a familiar sense of community on campus, as the second child in his family to attend the University. "My older sister toured colleges with me last summer, and nothing compared to the choice she made five years earlier to attend Seton Hall," he said explaining that she completed her bachelors and masters at the Hall and is now working on her doctorate in education. Cole's mother Michelle explained that SHU provided the core Catholic values and opportunities for internships that were most important to her.

AmberAmber Puig from West Palm Beach, Fla., is studying broadcasting and interactive visual media in the newly established College of Communication and the Arts. Amber was drawn to Seton Hall by the University's track record of outstanding internships to help launch her career. "I chose Seton Hall because of the proximity to New York City, and also for the internship opportunities," Amber said. 

Kasey MitchellKasey Mitchell from Smithtown, NY, is studying to be a physician assistant. "To have the ability to receive my bachelor of science and then immediately go in to the School of Health and Medical Sciences for my physician assistant training with the potential to graduate in just six years was very appealing to me." Kasey shared that she fell in love with the campus after visiting for the first time and looks forward to serving her community as a physician assistant one day.

Bernadette MagsinoBernadette Magsino is from Howell, NJ, and is a biology major, participating in the physical therapy program. "I chose Seton Hall and the highly competitive PT program because it's a top-rated program and close to home." Her father, Vincent, is proud of her acceptance and is excited about the opportunities the program will provide for her.

Mike CorroneMike Carrone, a legacy student whose mom, Angela, graduated in 1984 with an accounting degree from Stillman. He is from Whippany, NJ, following in his mother's footsteps, and will be majoring in accounting and participating in the Leadership Development Honors Program. "I was drawn to the unparalleled networking opportunities and the extensive connections available to me."

Matthew CardenMatthew Carden , from Downingtown, PA, will be majoring in sport management. Matt said, "I chose Seton Hall because I enjoyed the individualized attention and the ability to get to know my professors. I had visited other campuses, but when I arrived at Seton Hall, I immediately felt at home. I chose the sport management program because I love sports and want to experience that from the behind-the-scenes and Seton Hall's sport management program has a great reputation."

Matthew GilbertMatthew Gilbert from Seattle, Wash., and his roommate, Vincent DeBartolomeis from Denver, Colo., are both majoring in business and part of the Leadership Development Honors Program. Matt said, "I literally spent hours talking with Seton Hall recruiters at a college fair near my home. We talked about anything and everything and it became obvious to me that they cared about me as a person. When I looked closer at the University and finally came and spent the night on campus, I actually felt like a student here." Vincent said, "I was impressed by the leadership program and the school's proximity to New York and its major employment opportunities."

MillieMillie Womble arrived from Kansas City, Kansas, and is majoring in international relations and Arabic. "Today is so exciting. My program has received such high praise and I was blown away by the location, the people and the community I found here." Millie is the first of her siblings to head off to college and her mother shared that while it is bittersweet, they are so excited about Seton Hall and that Millie found the right major in diplomacy.

ShawnShawn Weigel hails from Vernon, NJ, and is majoring in mathematics. Shawn knew about Seton Hall because some of his high school friends were freshmen last year. He enjoys golf and hockey and hopes to continue to play clubs sports at Seton Hall. He gives the following advice to his fellow classmates, "I think everyone is in the same boat, be comfortable with yourself and other people will be comfortable with you." His mom, Danielle, said, "We are proud of him for all of his academics and his sports." The advice from his dad, Rich, to other parents, "Take a deep breath and make sure Mom has tissues."

RachelRachel Brown from Long Island, NY, is studying nursing and was impressed with the campus and the program credentials. "When I came and visited, I pictured myself staying here. That's what did it for me." Her mom, Stacy, shared her daughter's excitement. "I really enjoyed my college experience and I am excited for her and hope she has an amazing experience."

BrendaBrenda Bekarogullari from Cliffside Park, NJ, participates in EOP and is majoring in sport management. Brenda praised the work that she did with EOP over the summer and said that it helped to prepare her for the start of the school year. "I like the small campus and homey feel. Being a part of the EOP program had a family feel." Of her career path she said, "I'd like to one day work with FIFA or NCAA."

 Welcome Week Schedule of Events

Look forward to seeing you at all of the fun events and programs planned just for students.

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