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Where Leaders Learn the Significance of Values and Integrity

Seton Hall is a leading Catholic university with a more than 155-year tradition of educational excellence and moral leadership. A welcoming community, we embrace students of all faiths and backgrounds and promote respect, understanding, acceptance and peace. It is here that you learn to lead with heart.

At Seton Hall, you learn the importance of possess- ing integrity, compassion and a commitment to helping others while also helping yourself. Our goal is to help you grow into a leader, guided by a moral compass. That’s why you’ll take classes in ethics and learn in a community informed by Catholic ideals and universal values. 

Support When You Need 

It If you’re Catholic, Campus Ministry provides many opportunities to immerse yourself in your faith, and our beloved Chapel of the Immaculate Conception offers Mass daily. More than 40 priests reside on campus; many living in residence halls and serving on the faculty. They are always available to listen and provide guidance and support. 

We endeavor to meet the spiritual needs of all students, regardless of faith. While about 70 percent of our students are Catholic, there also are significant groups of Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Hindu and Buddhist students, among others. Whether you’re looking for a nearby synagogue, a mosque or prayer group, Campus Ministry is there to help you. 

Servant Leadership 

Developing servant leadership is a key to our mission. Seton Hall students are inspired to make a difference in the world, to give back and to meet every situation with love, kindness, patience and understanding. 

We believe getting involved in the community teaches lessons that can’t be taught in any classroom. Through the Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE), our students perform more than 30,000 hours of service each year — lending a hand at soup kitchens and after-school programs; get- ting their hands dirty planting a garden with local school children; planning programs at local nursing homes; giving their time to organizations like the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, and more. These opportunities allow you to see the world while helping make it a better place. Each year, DOVE also sponsors service-learning trips to orphanages in Haiti and El Salvador, and weekend immersion experiences living at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia. These experiences expand your worldview and develop character — enriching you in heart, mind and spirit.


"Seton Hall’s priest community really helped me grow in my faith. Whether you’re Catholic or not, they serve as a resource that offers comfort, guidance and support whenever you need it. Campus Ministry also provides so many opportunities to serve the commu- nity. One of my most profound experiences at Seton Hall was during one of my service trips to Haiti; it just taught me so much about love and humanity.”

Anne Cantine '10
Nursing Major
Intensive Care Nurse
Overlook Medical Center
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