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2015 Capital Markets Colloquium

Jim and Judy O'Brien Capital Markets Colloquium
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Register here for the workshops you wish to attend including the lunch speaker (lunch is provided). This is an excellent opportunity to mix with industry practitioners and discover just how broad and complicated the capital markets industry has become.

Overview of the Day

8:45 a.m.
Market Opening Bell
Our day is also enveloped by the start of day workshop, bagels and coffee provided, to review what is happening in the global markets in Asia and London. Closer to home the question of expected earnings announcements, regulatory metrics to be released, and corporate announcements made over-night in the U.S. markets, when reduced to companies impacted will define the corporate stocks and bonds that are "watch list" stocks for today.

Led by: Scott Rothbort (bio)

10 a.m. Round I Workshops
Investing in Corporate Credit
This seminar will address the following questions: What should I be concerned about when lending money to a company or buying corporate bonds? How can I be sure a company will be financially healthy enough to repay its obligations? How can I tell if a company is going to go bankrupt? An internship opportunity will also be discussed.

Led by: Betsi Hill (bio)

Real Estate Finance

This workshop will explore the broad impact of real estate on the overall economy and the mortgage industry's role in sustaining the real estate market. We will also discuss the recent evolution of regulatory reform and the impact it has had on over the past 5 years on consumers, lenders and society.

Led by: Jamie Chung (bio)

If it Ain't Broke, Fix It

Disruptive innovation has been around ever since the hammer replaced the rock to pound nails. These last 100 years reveal that any company that rests on its laurels is bound for the dustbin. Today is no different. When entire industries can be made irrelevant in a matter of weeks (think GPS units replaced by free mobile apps), it catches everyone's attention. In a business climate such as this, companies realize they must aggressively challenge what they do, how they do it, and most critically, how they continue to fulfill the evolving needs of their customers. From his position as Managing Director of CIT Equipment Finance, Nick Small has the opportunity to interact with manufacturers, distributors and dealers of all sizes. Small will share observations on how these companies -and their financial services providers like CIT -are using technology and "total solutions" product structures to "break" their businesses before someone else does it to them.

Led by: Nick Small (bio)

Is an Actuarial Career Right for you?

An actuary is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially those of concern to insurance and pension programs. They evaluate the likelihood of those events, design creative ways to reduce the likelihood and decrease the impact of adverse events that actually do occur. This workshop is for you if you are interested in learning more about this profession.

Led by: Jess Geller (bio)

New Research Finds an Alphabetical Bias in Stock Picking

Professor Itzkowitz will have fun with her new report that finds that early alphabet stocks trade more frequently and at higher valuations than later alphabet stocks. According to the research, these "lazy" investing behaviors, fed by an overabundance of investment information, have a significant impact on the stock market.

Led by: Jen Itzkowitz (bio)

11 a.m. Round II Workshops
(Repeat of Round I Workshops)

Luncheon Speaker: Simon Lack, From London to Wall Street. A 35 Year Journey through Finance

Led by: Simon Lack (bio)

1:30 p.m. Round III Workshops
The Cause and Impact of Financial Engineering

Over the last 25 years, financial engineering has grown to the point where it has helped contribute to massive booms and busts in financial markets. Much of the growth in financial engineering has come from the expansion in our pension system, which has very different needs than traditional investors. Their activity has led to the creation of a "shadow banking" system whose investment activities have had little to do with economic fundamentals. We will take a look at how and why this financial engineering grew to prominence and what the likely future impacts of it will be.

Led by: Brian Reynolds (bio)

The Role of the Federal Reserve

The workshop will begin with an overview of the Federal Reserve's role along with a history of steps the Fed has taken to meet its mission, concluding with the wholesale credit risk modeling database architecture.

Led by: Helder DaSilva (bio)

Introduction to Venture Capital

This short workshop will provide students with an overview of the current state of the VC industry. This includes getting a basic understanding of what VC is and the different "rounds" associated with venture capital raise. Finally students will be introduced to the VC Apprenticeship and answer any questions they might have about it.

Led by: Jacob George (bio)

Compliance and Ethics in the Capital Markets

The capital markets are experiencing ever larger and more impactful amounts for regulatory violations.Fostering an ethical corporate environment can establish a culture of compliance and high performance.What are the basics that make a difference?Lee Augsburger is senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer in the Law, Compliance, and Business Ethics unit of Prudential Financial, Inc., responsible for overseeing the company's global compliance organization of more than 400 staff worldwide and the company's global business ethics efforts.

Led by: Lee Augsburger (bio)

Foreign Exchange is Foreign

The FX market is defined, by the very nature of the products traded, the integration of every global economic issue every day, and a 24x7 dealer-to-dealer process. What are some of the key aspects of this market and how does the changing world transform, and sometimes roil, this world market?

Led by: John Dukich (bio)

Financial Planning and Analysis

A position focusing on Financial Planning & Analysis can lead to a successful and rewarding future in finance. This workshop will focus on what this career path may entail and some critical skill sets needed as well as the highlights and low lights of this field.

Led by: Randi Mathios (bio)

2:30 p.m. Round IV Workshops
(Repeat of Round III Workshops)

3:30 p.m. Market Closing Bell - Atrium

No registration is required.

5:30 p.m. Hospitality: The Search for a Potential Investment

Take this time to learn the basics of screening the Hospitality industry for potential market investment. You will learn about the industry and what the key and industry specific indicators are measuring a hospitality company's future prospects.

Led by: Sean Chan, Vonn Napoleon Johnson, and Emil Kranz (bio)

6:30 p.m. Pizza and a Movie - Trading Room

(No need to register for movie night, show up and relax, trade notes on day)


The Capital Markets Colloquium takes place on Wednesday, February 25. All sessions take place in Jubilee Hall.


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