Seton Hall University
2016 Capital Markets Colloquium

Jim and Judy O'Brien Capital Markets Colloquium
Wednesday, February 24, 2016 

Register here for the workshops you wish to attend including the lunch speaker (lunch is provided). This is an excellent opportunity to mix with industry practitioners and discover just how broad and complicated the capital markets industry has become.

Overview of the Day

8:30 a.m.
Market Opening Bell - Scott Rothbort, Scott Fullman – Atrium 4th Floor
Our day is also enveloped by the start of day workshop, bagels and coffee provided, to review what is happening in the global markets in Asia and London. Closer to home the question of expected earnings announcements, regulatory metrics to be released, and corporate announcements made over-night in the U.S. markets, when reduced to companies impacted will define the corporate stocks and bonds that are "watch list" stocks for today.

Led by: Scott Rothbort (bio)

10 a.m. & 11 a.m. Investing in Corporate Credit – Stephen McCall – Faculty Library JH669
This seminar will address the following questions: What should I be concerned about when lending money to a company or buying corporate bonds? How can I be sure a company will be financially healthy enough to repay its obligations? How can I tell if a company is going to go bankrupt? An internship opportunity will also be discussed.

Led by: Stephen McCall (bio)

Real Estate Finance – Jamie Chung – Market Research Center JH677

This workshop will explore the broad impact of real estate on the overall economy and the mortgage industry's role in sustaining the real estate market. We will also discuss the recent evolution of regulatory reform and the impact it has had on over the past 5 years on consumers, lenders and society.

Led by: Jamie Chung (bio)

The Value of Comprehensive Financial Planning - Brian Snerson– Entrepreneurial Rm JH528

Robo-advisors are changing the landscape for younger investors looking for low-cost, technology friendly financial management solutions. Is this just the latest trend or a long-term solution for younger investors?  What value do fee-based planners offer those who need traditional holistic advice?  This workshop will discuss the options available in the marketplace and the pro’s and con’s of the various service models.

Led by: Brian Snerson (bio)

Debt Capital Markets Update, Current Market Trends for Corporate Debt– Matthew McNeily – PC Lab JH524

Interactive update on market activity for corporate bond markets.  Topics covered will include economic drivers, market performance, interest rate views and swap market developments.  Discussions will entail recent trends, current conditions and expectations as we drive through a period of enhanced volatility stemming from ancillary markets (equities, commodities, global concerns).  M&A was a large driver of volume in 2015 and will persist in 2016.

Led by: Matthew McNeily (bio)

Welcome – Dean Joyce Strawser – Atrium 4th Floor
Recognition Award: Jim O’Brien
Luncheon Speaker: Terri Fowlkes, VP Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Compliance, the Art and Magic of Staying on this Side of the Law

1:30 p.m. & 2:30 p.m. Another Boom and Bust Cycle - Brian Reynolds – Market Research Rm JH677

Many equity investors do not seem to understand that the prime mover of a modern bull market is not the fundamentals but rather the structural need of credit investors to “go long.” Pensions are bringing in even more money from the cities and towns that contribute to them, leading to a more intense credit boom that eventually ends badly. This has direct implications for the global stock markets. This workshop will examine the direct influence the credit markets have upon the stock market and what to look for as an equity investor .

Led by: Brian Reynolds (bio)

Yellen's World:  How does the FED analyze market data and communicate with the market – Stephen Jonathan – Entrepreneurial Center JH528

This workshop will cover the key economic and financial market data the FED is monitoring, the approaches the FED takes in communicating its views to the market and the market's attempts to monitor and predict FED and other central bank policy shifts.

Led by: Stephen Jonathan (bio)

Corporate FP&A, Strategic Acquisitions, and Divestitures - Robert Espiritu – PC Lab JH524

This workshop will cover recent developments at CIT from an FP&A Perspective. The workshop will teach you the role of FP&A in the corporate acquisition and divestiture process. Including:

  • What is the organizations focus and why? - Macro strategy
  • Do we need this new segment? - Evaluating acquisition / Sale opportunities
  • What will the future look like with/without the new segment? - Preparing forecasts
  • Buyer evaluations and legal negotiations

Led by: Robert Espiritu (bio)

Trading: why, who, and how – Chris Andrews – Faculty Library JH669

An overview of the function of financial markets, the participants in a post-Dodd-Frank world and how actual market participants execute.

Led by: Chris Andrews (bio)

3:30 p.m. Market Closing Bell – Scott Rothbort, Scott Fullman - Atrium 4th Floor

No registration is required.

5:30 p.m. The Effects of Oil Crisis on Global Markets – Carl Ciullo, Alex Cohn, Carter McIntosh - PC Lab JH524

This workshop will cover why oil prices are so low, the effects that oil prices are having on Global markets as well as the affect that is occurring throughout various industries.

Led by: Carl Ciullo, Alex Cohn, Carter McIntosh  (bio)

6:30 p.m. Pizza and a Movie - PC Lab JH524

(No need to register for movie night, show up and relax, trade notes on day)


The Capital Markets Colloquium takes place on Wednesday, February 24. All sessions take place in Jubilee Hall.

Special Thanks:

  • Michael Hyland, Web and Digital Communications
  • Janet Fenton, Logistics and Event Facilitator
  • Tony Loviscek, Finance Department Chair
  • Joyce Strawser, Stillman Business School Dean
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