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Students in the College of Arts and Sciences delve into history and literature; explore philosophy and the arts; make scientific discoveries; understand human nature, society and cultures; learn to think critically and synthesize data; see the interconnectedness of all disciplines and the cornerstone on which all great ideas and human progress have been built. Whether your passion is broadcast journalism, computer science, psychology, art, music, engineering, anatomy and physiology, or criminal justice, we provide the solid liberal arts education you need to begin your career. Seton Hall's largest and most diverse school, the College of Arts and Sciences is known for small classes, dedicated faculty and a deep sense of community. With more than 50 majors to choose from, there's something for everyone. Here's a sampling of some of our most popular programs:


Lead by understanding. If you want to concentrate on the human psyche, pursue a major in psychology. Our courses provide you with one-on-one faculty- student interaction and access to some of the best facilities in the country where you'll gain significant experience working side by side with faculty members, assisting them with research projects. Many internship opportunities are available in clinical and research settings, and you'll receive sound preparation for graduate study or entry-level positions in psychology and related disciplines. Our students intern at places like the American Cancer Society, Broadway House for Continuing Care, Teach for America and the Boys and Girls Club.

Political Science

Lead with your passion for politics and become a lawyer, lobbyist, foreign correspondent, market research analyst or politician. Our political science program is committed to developing students into citizens who are active and informed on the local, state, national and global levels. The programs within our Department of Political Science and Public Affairs foster an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of citizenship, allowing you to gain real-world knowledge with internship and career opportunities at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, congressional offices, Office of the Governor, private law firms, insurance companies, New Jersey state and local government offices, community-based organizations, and lobbying and advocacy groups. Our graduates are well prepared for careers in law, government, public affairs, nonprofit organizations or the private sector.

Criminal Justice

Lead with your desire to make a difference in today's world as a lawyer, FBI agent, Secret Service agent or police officer. The criminal justice program provides a comprehensive study of crime and justice issues, presenting students with a critical viewpoint concerning all elements of the criminal justice system. Seton Hall knows its stuff - we provide extensive training for the New Jersey State Police. We also help our students secure internships and jobs in federal and state agencies, including the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, the State Police, the Pretrial Services Agency, county prosecutor offices, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, corporate security and local law enforcement. Criminal justice graduates pursue careers in the field, attend graduate school or law school.

The Sciences

Our state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center incorporates the latest equipment for students and faculty, including 500- and 200-NHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers, gas and liquid chromatographs and a Center for Computational Research. The building also has groundbreaking "open labs" that foster increased cooperation and collaboration among research groups and a plethora of windows that allow passersby to peer into the soul of science. Faculty and students have been involved in groundbreaking research, including developing new techniques for separating complex mixtures; using gas and liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify trace impurities in pharmaceuticals and analyze drugs in biological fluids; researching neuroimmunology and investigating how morphine affects the immune system; studying the microbes and the influence of pollution on ecological change; observing basic processes that regulate cell growth and inflammation and how cells respond to their environment - the research possibilities are endless.

Pre-Professional Health Programs

Seton Hall graduates are successful as doctors, dentists, optometrists and veterinarians. Our top-notch advisers give you the support and attention you need as you prepare to apply to medical or dental school. Through our School of Health and Medical Sciences, you can enter a joint program to earn an advanced degree in athletic training, physical therapy, physician assistant, occupational therapy or speech- language pathology. Our graduates have attended such prestigious medical schools as Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, New York University Medical Center and Georgetown University School of Medicine.


"One of the things I love best about Seton Hall is its commitment to servant leadership — or giving back to the community. Because of this commitment, my classmates and I have developed the Little Misses Forum, recently featured on CNN. I have also honed my leadership skills by chairing programs that bring awareness to social issues and by serving as a Resident Assistant in one of the freshmen residences. These, combined with my three internships at AIDS Resource, Jersey Cares and Brick Avon Academy, have really prepared me for my career in social work and nonprofit management.”

Delores Sarfo-Darko
Social Work major
Nonprofit Studies minor
East Hartford, Connecticut


"After two years of working with Dr. Chu on research to enhance effectiveness and reduce side effects of prescription drugs, a summer research experience at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and another at Harvard Medical School, which led to a publication in the “Journal of Dentistry,” I feel very confident about my skills and my resume. These experiences helped me put what I was learning in the classroom into practice, helped me think critically and analytically, and taught me to problem solve and investigate. I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my faculty and pre-med adviser who always made time for me, but most importantly believed in and supported me.”

Yansel Nunez
Biology major, Pre-med
Music minor
Union City, New Jersey
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